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Generation Number One in America:

William Lyons was a pioneer in the truest sense of the word.  The history of
this man and his family is the history of the roving  land-hungry
Scots-Irish in America.

The why's and wherefores that brought William to America is still being
researched.  We know from later census records that William was born about
1772  in Ireland and because of his Presbyterian faith probably in Ulster.
Because of the Lyons association with the Pennsylvania German Hawpe and
Koiner families, there is a strong likelihood of a Cumberland County,
Pennsylvania connection. The earliest records indicate that William and his
brother Thomas show up in Augusta County, Virginia in about 1799.  In 1805
William marries Catherine Hawpe, nee Koiner, (b. 1774 in Cumberland Co, PA)
the widow of Adam Hawpe and  the oldest daughter of Revolutionary War
veteran George Adam Koiner. William and Catherine are married by pioneer
Presbyterian minister, Dr. John McCue and are members of the Tinkling
Springs Presbyterian Church in Augusta County.

William and Catherine make their home on 224 acres on Christians Creek and
have 4 sons all born in Augusta County, Virginia:

Thomas, II, born on February 21, 1806

William, Jr.  born in 1807

John born on December 23, 1809 and

David born in 1815.

We know that William had a brother, Thomas, , because Thomas died and left a
will. In July, 1806, William's brother Thomas died suddenly in the Chickasaw
Nation (at the Agency HQ near Houlka, Chickasaw County, Mississippi),
apparently while negotiating a  land deal after  the 1805 sale of Chickasaw
land to the United States.

In 1826, William, Catherine and the 4 sons move to Franklin County,

Thomas II,  moves on to Fountain County, Indiana, where in 1860 he is the

William, Jr. stays in Franklin County until the death of his wife, ca 1850,
then moves his family to Hillsborough County, Florida

John moves to Marion County, Alabama, where in 1860 he is the Assistant
United States Marshal in charge of the US Census.

David remains in Franklin County and becomes a prosperous farmer.  

Catherine dies in 1848, William moves in with David and dies sometime after

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David Lyons home in Decherd TN

  • This is the home where William lived until his death sometime after 1860. The home was on the National Historical Registry until it burned in 1989. In a small family cemetery on this property we believe William was laid to rest.

My name is Maggie

I have been working on my genealogy for several years now. Here is my line: Margaret Lyons Owens(me) my father was Rayford Ray Lyons, my grandfather was Luther Lyons, my great grandfather was James D Lyons, My great great Grandfather was Thomas Lyons, my great great great grandfather was John Lyons and my great great great great grandfather was William Lyons.

Please let me know any ideas that you have to aid in our research.